Action Camera Driving Mode and Camping: How to Extend the Fun?

Camping and outdoor activities become more lively with the introduction of action cameras. Now you will feel that true sense of being on the spot.

No matter if it's a bike ride down the slope or hiking uphill, action camera driving mode will make the outing more memorable and exciting than ever.

And sharing those clips will give you an extra edge in the next get-together. Do you want to miss that? Of course not. Let’s share how the driving mode in action cam really works and some of the best models for your next outing.

What is the Action Camera Driving Mode?

The driving mode in an action camera is a kind of loop recording. When you turn on the camera and put it on this mode, it starts recording until the internal memory is full. And after that, the camera will start recording again on the previous recording.

Your dash cam typically works on the driving mode. Unless you stop recording or save the footage, recording will continue on the last one. High storage capacity action cameras can record longer loops and prevent re-recording over the old ones.

Suppose you are driving down the Shannendoe National Park with a low-storage dashcam. You will surely lose the videos of one end. So. it's better to get the best action camera for outdoor and camping.

AndrewfisherCo has a wide variety of camera models according to your preferences and budget. Don’t miss the reviews at the end. 

How are Loop Recording and Driving Mode Different?

Yes, drive mode in an action camera is a kind of loop recording. However, they are different in function and duration. Loop recordings do not go for the full extension of the internal storage. In fact, you can set it for an interval of 3,5 or more minutes.

After the allocated time, the camera will start recording the last ones. So, you will always get the recording of the last 3,5, or whatever duration you have chosen.

The action camera car mode, on the contrary, soaks up all the space in the internal memory before a new loop of recording starts over. It’s great for longer videos, especially when covering long events like driving, hiking, or paddling.

The Action Camera Car Mode and Camping

You must be feeling a bit confused about how an action camera's long-loop recording mode can make your outing more funfilled. Well, it's all about saving the memory and recalling those exciting times.

If you end up with the last 5 minutes of Horse Shoe Bend hiking, will you feel very excited? Of course not. When on a long walk across the most beautiful trails (Smoky mountain is my favorite one), you must be eager to save it for later.

Do you know when I love to see them? During the coldest Saturday evening, while sipping on hot chocolate and having small bites of cookies. Which time will you prefer to see those most?

Best Action Camera for Camping and Outdoor

Action Camera Driving Mode and Camping: How to Extend the Fun?

Three factors matter when searching for the best action camera for outing and camping.

  • Durability
  • Storage
  • Video quality

AndrewfisherCo has three models of action cam that match all those three requirements. And the best thing is you can get them at an affordable price. Let’s not keep you waiting anymore and get into the review.

VEMONT 1080P HD 12MP Action Sports Camera and Kit

Vemont's sports camera is the perfect way to capture your favorite moments. You can use it for underwater adventures, bicycle riding or even harsh weather conditions like rain!

This 1080p model has a wide angle lens that allows you more coverage on any given day. Meanwhile, it still maintain the high quality images and video at 30fps without lag time.

This feature will give viewers something new every time they watch through this device. So go ahead take advantage of what these cameras have offer today by ordering one now online before supplies run out.

DEVETOP 4K 20MP UHD Water-Proof Action Camera

DEVETOP's action cam offers professional 4K/30fps, 2.7K/30FPS and 1080P60 video resolution with 20MP images. You can explore more functions like yi 4k loop mode, time-lapses photography, slow motion selfies, continuous shooting, driving mode, and underwater up to 131FT in depth!

The external microphone compensates for any low audio quality defects caused by long distance or external noises leading it produce high fidelity when taking pictures.

This action camera is equipped with six layers of optical glass lens that can correct your screen and capture 170 wide-angle video images. It has the Sony sensor, so you'll never miss out on capturing every fleeting moment!

The built in WiFi allows for easy connection to a smartphone via "LIVE DV" app which then shares these spectacular footage across social platforms like Twitter or Instagram - no matter what device they're using when posting about it (IOS & Android). There's also two 1050mAh batteries for longer recordings.

GNOLKEE 4K 100FT Ultra Wide Angle Waterproof Camera

With its Tough and water resistant design, the Gnolkee G44H is an excellent choice for people who want to record their life in real time. This camera supports both Android or iOS systems as well! With features like anti-shake function that even works when moving at high speeds.

It's easy enough on your phone (or tablet) too handle all aspects of photography from capturing still images right up until uploading them onto social media sites like Facebook. Just make sure nothing gets left out because this little guy packs quitea punch with quality footage recorded inside it.

Gnolkee underwater cameras are able to provide you with an exciting and fun experience while recording. The long battery life means that your video will be better quality, allowing for more time spent in the water! You can either charge through a computer's USB connection or use one of our car chargers if needed-it doesn't take much power at all (just 1 - 2 hours).


The action camera driving mode can be an effective feature to capture all the adventures and fun during an outing. If you have a good quality camera with adequate storage it will be like a breeze to keep your memories stored forever.

Visit AndrewfisherCo for some of the ebay camping equpments at an affordable price. One thing we can esure, your next camping will be convenient and funfilled.

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