The Benefits of Electric Nail Clippers

As part of good hand hygiene, it’s important to carefully clean and trim your fingernails, which can harbor bacteria and contribute to developing some infections, like pinworms.

Keeping your fingernails short and washing them periodically with soap and water on the undersides can prevent illness, causing dirt and bacteria to accumulate.

But what about those who are unable to cut their nails without assistance? People like babies, the disabled, the blind, and the elderly cannot manage traditional clippers. For such assisted requirements, an electric nail clipper is an ideal solution.

Andrew Fisher Co’s. electric fingernail clipper is the perfect companion for those needing assistive technology to cut their nails independently or safely.

If you’re in the market for electric nail clippers, read this blog to learn the many benefits of purchasing an automatic nail clipper from Andrew Fisher Co.

  1. Ideal Alternative for Scissors

    Many parents prefer clipping their children’s nails with scissors as it gives them a better grip and they can see the nail better compared to traditional nail clippers. But neither are safe tools for the child’s delicate skin and tiny nails.

    Electric fingernail clippers enable you to cut your child’s nails gently and safely without the risk of overcutting. It has automated blades concealed behind a curvature to protect the skin.

    The two-speed gears are designed to control the speed, and the auxiliary light helps see the nail from any angle. The gadget is designed to easily cut and trim your nails and even collect them in an inbuilt and detachable storage.

  2. Safer Than Battery Operated Grinders

    Nail grinders work the same way as stone grinders, with a filing tool at the end that rotates at high speed, shaving off the nail as it proceeds. However, this tool has no safety mechanism, and the chances of scathing your skin are high.

    If you’re a senior with arthritis or mobility issues, you’ll lose control and chaff your skin. Moreover, the delicate skin of babies is at risk, too, given the exposure to a fast-moving nail filing machine.

    An electric nail clipper with a recessed cutter and hidden blade ensures that only the nail meets the sharp edges, protecting your skin and cuticles.

  3. Suitable for the Elderly

    Seniors are constantly looking for solutions that simplify their lives so they can age gracefully. However, many people experience joint pain, neurological disorders, visual loss, or become incapacitated. Simple tasks like trimming nails might become challenging.

    An aged person may turn to alternatives like nail biting, battery-powered grinders, etc. These usually fall short of safety and hygienic standards, making them difficult for seniors who experience discomfort, decreased strength, control, dexterity, and loose skin.

    An electric nail clipper addresses all of these if you or someone you know has trouble clipping nails for any of the reasons mentioned above.

  4. Disability Friendly

    People with disabilities must come up with original solutions for everyday chores. The simple process of trimming one’s fingernails has been neglected for far too long, while most daily routines have received plenty of support and attention.

    Electric nail clippers are an assistive technology for fingers and toenails that solves this fundamental problem. The no-pain, mess-free, and gentle gadget is precisely engineered for fingernails.

    The nail slot shields skin from the trimming process and is so secure that most users don’t mind turning their heads, making it suitable for people with blindness too.

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