Tips On How To Carry Your Phone While Mountain Biking!

Mountain bikers love the escape that mountain bikes can provide. If you are one, you know how much you love being outdoors in nature, away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. 

For you, checking your email or answering your phone is usually way down the pecking order when turning pedals. Despite having the urge to disconnect from the outside world, you still need your phone when you go out riding. 

Now, that need may prompt the question "how to carry my phone while mountain biking?" or "where to put my phone when riding?" Well, you don't have to wonder anymore as we have some simple tips for carrying your phone when you are out riding. 

While bike bags for phones and keys are the obvious answer, they are not the only way you can take your phone. 

At Andrew Fisher Co, we specialize in providing high-quality outdoor gear and camping accessories for everyone who loves an adventure or needs an escape. 

Due to our line of work, we face many questions about mountain biking and finding the right place to put phones when riding, and we decided to address the issue. 

However, before we talk about where to put your phone when riding, let's look at why you should take your phone when mountain biking!

Why Should You Carry Your Phone When Mountain Biking?

There are several reasons why you should carry your phone when mountain biking. Here are some of the most important reasons why you should. So let's check them out!

Safety Is Reason Number One

The biggest reason for carrying your phone when mountain biking is safety. What if you get lost, have a mechanical, or suffer a crash and injury? Well, if you have your phone, you will easily be able to call for help. 

Now, you may not want to take your phone, but you should anyway for your friends and family because that is their lifeline to reach you when you are out riding. 

Capturing Something Beautiful

Photos, while not essential, are a fantastic way to capture your memories. It's a wonderful way to remember your rides and how special they are to you. 

Now, you may stop for photos rarely, and that's ok, but you never know when you will stumble across something unique on your ride. Odds are it will be the day you forget your phone; that's what Murphy's Law tells us. So make sure you take it with you so that you don't miss out on something amazing!

Tracking Your Activity

If you don't want to fork out some additional money for a bike, computer, or watch, phones are the best option to track your activity. 

They can easily track what you have done and where you've been. So later you can show your friends the cool new route you took!

Making The Ride More Special With Music

Listening to music or a podcast is a staple if you are going for a solo run or mountain biking solo. So taking your phone in this instance is just common sense. Just make sure you have at least one ear free to hear the world around you.

Finding Your Way

The last but not the least of the reasons we will talk about is how your phone can help you find your way. It is all too easy to take a long turn when shredding the trails, only to realize that you are lost after some time. 

Knowing your way back adds a little sense of security to your ride, and that's what your phone will give you. So take it with you the next time you go mountain biking.

How To Carry Phone While Mountain Biking?

As you can see above, there are several reasons for you to carry your phone while mountain biking. So now let's address the main question, "how to carry your phone when mountain biking?" In the following, you will find simple tips on where to put your phone when riding. So let's check them out!

In The Jersey Pocket

If you wear classic cycling jerseys when riding, you have three back pockets. These pockets are the simplest and most effective way to take your phone with you when riding. 

However, make sure you have a good quality jersey to don't lose your phone when driving up the trail. One of the best things about using jersey pockets is that it's easily accessible and can be pulled out whenever needed. 

Also, it's hidden away and doesn't require additional gear. But one drawback is that your phone won't be completely secure. Your phone can slip out of your pocket, especially if you crash. 

Another con of this solution is that you will always need to wear a cycling jersey. So if you want to go for Enduro or Downhill style jersey or even keep it casual with a T-shirt, you will need to invest in additional gear. 

Backpacks or Hydration Packs
Tips On How To Carry Your Phone While Mountain Biking!

Mountain bikers usually carry a backpack or hydration pack to ensure they have ample water and tools for the road. 

With hydration packs, you will be able to pack in more water with the bladder installed, or you can remove the bladder and find extra space for carrying additional tools and goodies like your phone. Hydration packs are a safe to carry your phone while mountain biking as long as you zip up the bag. 

Also, you won't even feel your phone's weight as it will be spread throughout the bag and masked by the overall weight of all the other things in the bag. 

However, you may not always want to carry a big bag when riding. Also, if you are only going to ride for an hour or two, you may not even need a bag. Plus, the additional weight on your back will create pressure points on your saddle and bum. 

Mounting It On The Bike

Bike mounts are becoming popular day by day. It's a bike accessory that you fit on the handlebar and on top of which you mount your phone. 

It's one of the most accessible and popular methods of carrying your phone when riding. The bike mount allows you to use your phone for navigation and enables you to keep track of your stats while riding. 

However, these accessories are best left for casual rides as a phone mounted in front of your eyeliner can be distracting and not that aerodynamic. Also, if you crash, your phone will be exposed to the road and is liable to even snapping off the mount.

Fitting It In An Armband

Armbands are known as universal phone holders. These bands can hold your phone when running, gym, and even when riding. Even if you are new to cycling, you may have an armband at home from other activities, which can help you out when riding. The armband stays with you all the time and is especially comes in handy if you are a triathlete and have to run off of the bike. 

However, armbands aren't that popular in the mountain biking realm as mountain bikers usually use their arms to navigate the trails, and armbands can restrict the movement when navigating through technical terrain.

Bib Pockets

There are bike shorts with small pockets on the bib straps specifically designed to carry cell phones or keys. These are very useful for mountain bikers going for an Enduro style or short ride where you don't need to carry much extra equipment. This is the perfect option for the minimalist rider as no one will be able to tell you are carrying something. 

However, you will need to research a lot to find the right set of bike shorts with a bit of hidden pockets, as many don't have them. 

Also, sometimes these pockets can be hard to reach. Some shorts have pockets which you have to pull the bibs down, load up the pocket, and re-pull the straps back up.

Using Bike Bags

Placing your phone in the bike bag is one of the best ways to carry your phone when riding. It's like you aren't even carrying your cellphone as your bike is doing that for you. 

There are a few different types of bike bags out there. In the following, we will look into them. So let's check out the different types of bike bags for phones and keys:

  • Frame Bag: These bags are usually used when packing for long bike rides. These bags go into the frame, hampering your ability to carry water bottles. It's one of the most secure ways to carry your phone, but the phone isn't accessible while you are biking. 
  • Top Tube Bag: This bag goes on the top tube of your bike and is mainly used to stack snacks. However, you probably will be able to stuff your phone in there, and this bag makes your phone a bit more easily accessible than frame bags. Keep in mind that it can flop around if it is too big. 
  • Saddle Bag: These bags are usually used to carry flat repair items, but if you can find space, you can probably fit a phone in there when you go out for your ride. While this bag won't make your phone readily accessible, it will make it a part of emergency supplies. These bags will take the weight of your phone from you to the bike. But as we said, you won't have ready access to your phone, and it can get in your way if it's too big. 

Stay Connected

While you may have the urge and need to disconnect from the hectic daily life, make sure that it's your choice and not a mistake. 

You should carry your phone with you while mountain biking, even if it's turned off. It will be a lifesaver if you ever get into a sticky situation. 

As you can see, there are several reasons to take your phone and many different ways you can carry them with you when riding. So make sure you do take it. 

And that concludes our guide on how to carry a phone while mountain biking. Hopefully, you know where to put your phone when riding.

Now, if you are looking for some camping or hiking accessories before your next mountain biking trip, then Andrew Fisher Co can help you out. 

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