Why You Should Shoot Videos in 4K?

Video technology has been advancing at breakneck speed, and one innovation that has enabled consumers to enjoy a lively and immersive visual experience is the 4K technology. Its name is a reference to their incredible video resolution that has approximately 4,000 pixels of width, which is four times more pixels compared to 1080p videos.

While there is no doubt that for viewers using larger screens, 4K videos give the best viewing experience, there are confusions on the part of video creators on whether they should shoot in 4K. This article will go through certain features of a 4K video and why it is best to shoot in 4K.

To start off, 4K video technology is incredibly detailed and high in quality when it comes to the final product. With the growing popularity of home theaters, and bigger T.V. and computer screens that are compatible with 4K videos, content creators can offer videos that are clear, immersive, and rich in detail. This is very crucial for professional content creators as the quality of their videos is crucial as much as the subject for keeping their viewers engaged and satisfied.

Whether you use a 4K ultra hd action camera, a DSLR, water sports camera, or a professional camera ,the higher the resolution that 4K brings is ideal for VFX-heavy projects where accurate keying may be required. With 4K videos, content creators can use visual effects to bring their vision to life and edit their video exactly how they want. With videos of lesser resolution, the ability to edit them and put visual effects is much limited.

Unlike 1080p footage, higher resolution 4K can be easily cropped, zoomed in, and reframed with minimal loss of quality. This is a feature that is remarkably useful for content creators and it is extremely useful when you want to use different perspectives. It is particularly useful when filming interviews, as well as other shots where you need to shift from headshots to full-body shots. Other shots including close-ups are much easier to do in videos filmed in 4K. While the additional pixel resolution of 4k comes with a need for bigger storage files, it is better to have a video that can be scaled both ways rather than limited to 1080p.


4K videos come with the ability to be edited beyond what is possible with 1080p videos. This, regardless of the type of film you make, is a great feature to have that can make your editing process much easier, efficient, and versatile. The fact that 4K technology is now found in many cameras and that you don’t have to go an extra distance to get use it makes this video resolution even more worthwhile.

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