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Kadann Neopixel Lightsaber (Dark Lightsaber)

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Kadann Neopixel Lightsaber (Dark Lightsaber)
Kadann Light Saber

  Create Unforgettable Memories

Duel with your family and friends and create memories that will last forever. Our Lightsaber is fun for all ages, and with 12 different color options and awesome sound effects, you will feel like you are in the movie!

Kadann Neopixel Lightsaber (Dark Lightsaber)

Not so long ago, In a galaxy far, far away, a group of star wars fanatics set out to create the Katana Light Saber on the market at an affordable price. Made with durable aluminum and one-of-a-kind patented technology, our lightsaber will truly take you to the world of Star Wars, where you can become a Kadann.


Kadann Neopixel Lightsaber (Dark Lightsaber) - Andrew Fisher Co

Does Your Kadann Light Saber Have Sounds And Effects?

 Of course! Our Lightsaber has Impact Sound Effects as well as: Flash-on-Clash, Blaster Deflection Simulation, Velocity Detecting Smooth Swing Technology, and much more!


Realistic Light and sound effects

 Superbright 50 Watt RGB Neopixel strip with infinite colors and very loud volume adjustable speaker.

Strong Shatterproof Blade

Removable Polycarbonate blade with light defusing finishing. Made for heavy dueling.

Flash on Clash

 Lightsaber emits white light and a realistic sound when hits something.

Smooth Swing

 Motion sensors and realistic sound effects creates smooth swing experience

Sounds Theme

Lightsaber includes 9 changeable sound themes with different sound effects.

Removeable Battery

Removeable Lithium ion battery so that you can last whole day of cosplay without charging.

Kadann Neopixel Lightsaber (Dark Lightsaber)

Can You Duel With The Kadann Lighsaber?

 Made from durable high-grade alimunium, our Lightsaber is great for dueling and is built to last.
Kadann Neopixel Lightsaber (Dark Lightsaber) - Andrew Fisher Co


1.the R&D cost of the gravity sensor has been increased to make the smooth swing function more perfect
2.12 sound effects (Scavenger (Rey), Princess (Leia), Rage Knight (Kylo Ren), the High Ground (Obi Wan), the Count (Dooku), The Fallen (Cal Kestis), The Dark Lord (Darth Vader), The Dark Sword (Dark Saber), Dark Ages (medieval sword font), the Second (Second Sister), Serenity (generic Jedi font), Emperor (Emperor Palpatine))
3.montion control function(Selectable turn on/off)
4.FOC function(Selectable turn on/off)

1. Lightsaber support dueling, Sensitive smooth swing and clash sounds let you cross into the real movie
2. High quality light saber is great gift for kids or adults, easy to use. Perfect for Halloween, Costume Parties, Cosplay Events, Festivals & More
3. We provide a one-year warranty, please feel free to contact us if you have any questions

Package List:
1* Hilt,1* Blade,1* Charging Cable,1* User Manual,1* Screw Pack,1* Packing Box ,1* Stand

Trouble Shooting

Issue 1 - Saber has no sound
Saber may be in mute mode. Turn off the saber, then hold the button for 0.5 seconds to change sound
Issue 2 - Saber loses either red, blue or green color does not light up at all, or has no swing or clash sounds
Charge the battery for one hour, as this is likely a low battery issue. Removing and reinstalling the battery may fix it if the issue is not related to charge.
Issue 3 - When charging, saber cues 'charging' then immediately indicated 'ready'
The battery is not making contact properly with the plates inside. Open the saber and carefully adjust the connectors so that the positive and negative both touch easily.
Issue 4 - If any other problem occurs that the above methods won't fix
Please contact our customer service team.
Kadann Neopixel Lightsaber (Dark Lightsaber)


Our main focus is customer satisfaction, which is why we offer a 30 day customer guarantee. If your Lightsaber has any issues at all, we will send you a replacement with no questions asked.

Delivery time

Free Worldwide Shipping.
Sabers normally take around 7  days  to get through production before they are dispatched but this can increase during busy periods.
When your item is dispatched, it normally takes 2-3 days for delivery but depending on you delivery location.

For any further questions or enquires please don't hesitate to contact us 

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