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Neo-Pixel Lightsaber

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30 Day Money Back Guarantee

The Ultimate Dueling Experience.

Whether you’re a warrior of the light side fighting to uphold what’s right or you’re drawn to the power of the dark side, you’re sure to find a lightsaber that suits you right here.

Neo-Pixel Lightsaber



Choose from 7 vibrant colors that change with the click of a button. Our lightsabers are made of high-quality materials, so if dueling is your aim and the price isn't an issue - then the NeoPixel® Lightsaber is your best choice to buy.

Neo-Pixel Lightsaber



Make your fantasy turn into a reality, and go beyond with new amazing Star Wars effects! Whether your purchase purpose is for collection or re-enactment, our sabers will fulfill your every saber need.


 Neo-Pixel Lightsaber


Our NeoPixel® Lightsaber is the closest thing there is to a real lightsaber. It also serves as the perfect gift for your loved ones - Especially for kids and Star Wars lovers!
Neo-Pixel Lightsaber



Neo-Pixel Lightsaber

 Neo-Pixel Lightsaber 



What Colour Is The Lightsaber

Our Lightsaber comes in 6 different colours you can switch between: Red, Pink, Blue, Green, Yellow, and Purple.

Does Your Lightsaber Have Sounds And Effects?

Of course! Our Lightsaber has Impact Sound Effects as well as: Flash-on-Clash, Blaster Deflection Simulation, Velocity Detecting Smooth Swing Technology, and much more!

Can You Duel With The Lightsaber?

Made from durable high-grade aluminum, our Lightsaber is great for dueling and is built to last.



Our main focus is customer satisfaction, which is why we offer a 30-day customer guarantee. If your Lightsaber has any issues at all, we will send you a replacement with no questions asked.

For any further questions or enquires please don't hesitate to contact us at:  neopixel.help@gmail.com

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Not what I expected from the website description.

I ordered this lightsaber thinking it was a neo pixel lightsaber. It is not, it is a led shining into a tube, not individual leds down the length as shown in the video on the website. It also has none of the functions listed on the site, "Flash-on-Clash, Blaster Deflection Simulation, Velocity Detecting Smooth Swing Technology". When you turn it on it makes a pulsing sound sitting still on the table, and that's it. I have tried to contact support for a refund via email, and both phone numbers listed on the site to no avail. I am extremely disappointed.

darla Lambeth
Neo pixel

My husband had to solder it so the sound would work. My grandson loves it but i am disappointed.

Marti Copenhaver
A perfect gift for you Star Wars fans young & old.

My son sent this link for a birthday idea. Being an original movie fan I got him one of each. These are absolutely spectacular!!! They arrived in one box so I was afraid I only got one. We have owned multiple styles of light sabers. My son says these are the coolest ones he’s ever seen. I agree. I’m thrilled we have these for battle. Perfect for play or collecting.

Rebecca Cervantes
Light saber

Seemed forever waiting for them to come, but I believe our son is gonna enjoy them. We are excited for him. Can not speak of quality as of yet since they are for my son's upcoming birthday.